Three potential young leaders with three different characteristics and experience shared about their memories and experience about Lead The Change Exchange trip 2018  in Singapore.

On last Sunday, Lead The Change had an warm interview with participants of Lead The Change Exchange trip 2018 in Singapore.


Dan Bui shared Amazing race as an impressive experience which she had have as every activity required good plan and good teamwork to break all challenges.  In addition, she realized that working in team was the best way to overcome every difficulties. By doing some new things during Lead The Change Exchange trip 2018, she could find the true potential of herself.

Sharing the same experience, Minh Pham claimed that after this trip, she released her potential and became the best version of hers. Besides, she had a clear point of her future career path.

According to Thy Pham, she was impressive by experts from companies tours. She could be confident sharing her ideas and experience to professionals and other participants.

Lead The Change Exchange trip 2018 in Singapore organized a variety of activities such as company visits, university tours and amazing race,… which helped participants to have their own lessons.Their development

Dan Bui shared she could learn about logical thinking through activities in Amazing race. In term of developing herself, Minh Pham pointed that she underwent a bunch of things which she desired to change before this trip. Then, she tent to take risk more and be responsible with every decision she made.

Changing mindset about public events and social services were interesting sharing of Thy Pham after joining Lead The Change Exchange trip 2018. Then, she has been ready to apply for projects and events in schools to have more experience and be confident.

Three youth leaders realized that they have changed in themselves mindset and been ready to embrace all challenges in the future.

They recommend young people to join Lead The Change Exchange trip 2019 since it is a good opportunity to learn skills with professionals in multinational corporates. Besides, young leaders can accomplish new things which you thought they were impossible to you.

As Mr. Thang Huynh – Board of Organizers Lead The Change Exchange trip, has advised:

“When you push yourself to your limit, you have 2 options:

(1) You have to continue going, and you will learn a lot of interesting things,
(2) Or you give up, let yourself back to your comfort zone, and you learn nothing.”

See you at Lead The Change Exchange trip 2019 in Singapore (July 9th – 14th, 2019). Thailand (August 13th -18th, 2019).

Lead The Change Exchange trip 2018 in Singapore

Lead The Change Exchange trip 2019 in Singapore and Thailand – provides next generation of leaders new competencies fitting for the 21st century and cross-cultural collaboration to be successful and to tackle the complex challenges.

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