After a tight schedule full of interviews with around 200 young people in Vietnam as well as overseas, we have finally selected the 16 best delegates for Lead The Change 19 Exchange Trip in Singapore on 18th – 23th November 2019.

Let’s find out more from the Batch of Young leaders from Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore.



Her name is Hoang Thi Chinh but you can call her Jane or Chin for short and cute ^^. She is a final year student at International University.  Her favourite quote is “Everyday may not be good but there is something good in every day”. If she was a season, she would be a fall-girl, who would make you feel cool and “fall in love” with. Her friends told that she is quite funny as a “laughing” vitamin for everyone around. She has worked in many positions in different fields: content manager at Vietnamese Streetwear – a start-up in streetwear fashion which provides online magazine and cloth merchandise, customer service at Zas Trading Company which deliver flowers and gifts to all 63 provinces in Vietnam and now digital intern at Maison. She has been a teacher at an English centre for almost 3 years. She does not have many hobbies but she loves dancing, listening to music (Kpop – her idol is Super Junior, US-UK,…) and talking. She hopes that we can share something in common. 

Participating in Lead The Change exchange trip this time, all she wants to refresh herself and to fuel her mind with positive energy from her friends. From that, she can have a chance to better know herself  and lead her to change first then change people around. She believes that positive energy can lead us to fairy tail destination. She is really excited to be a part of this trip and want to become one of your friends in the near future so that together we can do something bigger for our society.



Her name is Le Ho Ngan Tuyen, a junior student in University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City with major in Foreign Trade. She is an introvert that’s why she enjoys listening to others. Her friends say that she is a very funny and an interesting girl with a good sense of humor. As soon as she meets new people who are happy to meet her, she feels extremely comfortable with them. She loves reading books and her favourite ones are “Sapiens” of Yuval Noah Harari and “Tôi, Tương lai, Thế giới” of Ms. Nguyen Phi Van.

She is extremely interested in community projects. Last summer, she volunteered  in CHANGE’s program with its theme: “iChange Plastic”. During one week, she was in charge of supporting the artists to paint primer, draw meaningful messages about the environment and wildlife conservation on Phan Liem Street to raise awareness and encourage people to reduce using disposable plastic. Two months ago, she finished a course “Intensive News Literacy” sponsored by the U.S Consulate General. Through that course, she has learned many things about news such as: how to approach news in digital age, how countries deal with fake news,…  At the last day of the course, her team won the first prize with the theme “The consequence of fake news in financial economics field”

Through this program, she expects to come out of her shell to make more friends, learn friends’ experience to improve herself better and share knowledge from this program to others. Besides, she also wants to study skills needed in Industry 4.0 to increase competition in labour market in the future.



Her full name is Le Huynh Tu My. There are 3 things in her unique points about herself:

Patient: Someone told her that with infinite patience, we are infinitely merciful, accepting and forgiving. To her, she believes that there are always many valuable things take us a long period of time to learn, experience and develop. Therefor, we need to have the ability to remain patient on anything we do, which help us achieve bigger or better things in life.

Good listener: Telling your own stories is difficult, but listening stories of others seems to be harder. She is willing to listen happiness or sorrow of people around her, then sharing them her experience. It is so grateful when you can be someone that a person can trust in.

Open-minded: Various plants make a forest, then various things make the world. There will be many differences around us but they are all worthed to learn. She would not mind to experience new things and challenge herself with difficulties.

Throughout 4 years of university, She was in the Executive Board organizing programs for students such as voluntary campaign, academic competitions, team building games, etc. Moreover, she was an participants of many courses about gender equality of UN Women, Women Will and Unilever. In 2016, she had a chance to join BASF Kids’ Lab helping children learn more about chemistry through hands-on and exciting experiments. These experiences helped her develop her interpersonal skills much. First of all, she believes that she loves helping people and giving wonderful value for the society.

She would like to widen her social networking, improve skills that necessary for a global citizen in the future. It would be a great opportunity for her to communicate, to learn more from Singapore and everyone her  meet in the program.



Her full name is le Nguyen Minh Hang. She is currently a freshman at Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh city. She comes from Da Nang, which is considered the worth-living city in Vietnam.

To be honest, she is an introvert but having the extrovert personality. Quite strange, but in fact, there are some people having that kind of character. She thinks that it is one of her strengths and also her weakness. While she can join in any groups,  she can also reflect and energize herself when she is alone. If she has to express herself in three words, it would be creative, competitive and confident.

She has had so many memorable experiences when she was in high school. However, she choose the latest experience, which she has never done before that is being a choreographer. Because dancing is not her forte; therefore, she had to spend 2 nights to write down the lyrics and the rhythm, then danced alone, then gave the instruction for 16 other friends. She has to say that being choreographer is the hardest role she has to play; it is not about how to dance, but also how her gather, raise the ambition to win, and persuade each member to practice. After this experience, she has learned many lessons: being creative in managing a big team, persuading, giving compliment without letting others down. You do not only learn leadership skill in many nerve-wracking tasks, it is how you manage your time, your ambition, and how you lead and inspire your partners.

The most attractive part of this exchange trip is visiting many well-known companies. She believes that learning necessary skills in this 4.0 area in Singapore and in those companies is the best decision. Moreover, she is a person love inspiring others and be inspired by others. Therefore, she wants to be a part of Lead The Change community.



His name is Le Thanh Binh. He is an AI Researcher and Co-founder of a startup named Aweren ( which people can rent books at a cheap price. He graduated from the Ho Chi Minh City University of Science (Vietnam National University) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. In his spare time, he enjoys participating in workshops, reading and watching startup stories on Cafebiz or Youtube. At university, he joined Vietnamese Students’ Association, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, ASEAN Student Summer Camp 2017 and founded Mentorship which organizes soft skills workshops corporate with IT company in Ho Chi Minh City. After graduating, he gained working experience as AI Internship at KMS Technology which responsible for making Q&A Chatbot answer users automatically and quickly. Recently, he participated in Active Citizens Vietnam 2019 hosted by the British Council, luckily got a scholarship from Facebook Developer Circles from Vietnam to study about Product Management hosted by CoderSchool. In the long term, he will apply Artificial Intelligence for his Aweren platform which helps understand user behaviour and improve user experience. To reach that long term, he needs to study some soft skills like startup management, cooperation skills, design thinking, presentation and experience from mentors, incubators, successful companies which he believe that he will gain more knowledge from Lead The Change.



Her name is Luu Thi Quynh Thu, a fresh graduate currently working in the Maritime Industry. About her, she cares about global warming and environmental sustainability ever since she has read about a fictional character princess Mia, in The Princess Diaries book and how she is an enthusiastic supporter of Greenpeace organization. One day at work, it was funny to find out that her boss saved her name in her phone as “Thu eco”. This is because she noticed that Thu always refuses to use a plastic bag every time she shops for anything. She always brings her own water bottle with her and uses her own steel/glass straw. During high school, she has built 3D models from recycled materials for class units/competitions and organized campaigns to raise awareness about environment conservation among her local community. 

Although she has never been to Singapore, she has always wanted to live and work there. She admires the country’s diverse culture and people, the tech-savvy business environment and the government’s commitment to sustainable economic development. This trip will allow her to have a vivid and eye-opening insight into this country, and to broaden her understanding of the Singaporean culture and practices. Besides receiving essential entrepreneurship training and learning from experienced mentors at major corporations, she is eager to be able to connect with other participants of the Lead The Change program. Like her, they also want to strive to be the best version of ourselves and prove their competencies in the constantly changing and challenging the business world.



Her name is Nguyen Minh Ngoc, she is 20 years old. This is the 2nd time she has joined Lead the Change Exchange Trip. Although it was not the first time, she still felt the excitement was hard to describe. After the program in Thailand, she learned many new things and made many new friends. Moreover, she has become more confident, more active than before. That is the reason why she is here, becoming a participant of Lead The Change Exchange Trip in Singapore.

She is a very hardworking and diligent person and do not easily give up when having difficult challenges. On one hand, she judges herself as an adaptable person who can adapt to all changes effortlessly and can effectively work under high pressure. Besides she is also a good listener which helps her easier when working in a group or in a large community.

She had many interesting experiences in the past, and she feels each of those activities that she has experienced is very meaningful and wonderful. One of these activities is to organize a series of charitable activities for orphan children at her university and participate in volunteer activities on wildlife protection of ENV. Furthermore, she also participated in the running program of SaiGon Children’s Charity to raise money for children with heart disease. Last month, she just came back from an internship in Astoria which is located in Philippines. Having the opportunities to go to many different countries, She has known that there are a lot of things she ought to learn and cultivate herself.

Like what she has expected before, through this training program. First, she hope that she could have lots of beautiful memories and special experiences, as well as discover new and interesting things. Second, she could get to know more and more new friends both from inside and outside of Vietnam. Finally, learn from companies of Singapore the professional working style and unique culture.



There are three adjectives that can describe about himself:

Creative: He usually comes up with new and unique ideas in scientific research and organizing activities. For instance, in Woman’s Day, he created a contest of decorating girls’ hair for male students in his faculty, which was never organized before, and everyone was excited. He prefer to thinking about innovative, better way to solve a problem, instead of going with old ideas.

Open-minded: He believes that where diversity is respected, people here can learn many things from each other and build a strong community. Therefore, he is always willing to listen to new ideas or experience new things.

Positive: Staying optimistic is the way that he overcome difficulties and never give up in work and life.

He is proud to tell everyone about his university time, when he and his partners organized numerous students’ activities such as Green Summer Volunteer Campaign, Chemistry Contest, Celebration Teacher’s Day, Women’s Day… All of them made he realize that he  loved to create more value for the community, especially raising the life conditions of the poor.

Lead The Change exchange trip will be a value chance for him to broaden his social network when meeting and working with famous speakers and friends. On top of that, he can explore not only Singapore but also his abilities.



She is Phan Thuy Duong, a twenty-year-old student from University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City.

Firstly, she would consider herself as a highly organized person. She always take notes, and she make use of every tool there is to help herself stay on top of deadlines. Second, she believes that she is quite imaginative. It is actually not the kind of imaginative that is far-fetched or not realistic, but the kind that trying to find a new but practical way to solve a problem. Third, she is a die-hard team player, as in her teammates can always rely on her when it comes to serious business.

For interesting experience or activities, she would like to point out her first major achievement: being one of five representatives of Vietnam invited to the International German Camp in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015. It was a six-day Camp, aside from the first two days of her being nothing but a passive person, she took on more challenges by participating in more group activities and engaging in more conversations with other representatives along with many German volunteers and teachers regardless of her modest German and her adequate English skills. As a result, she made more friends and gained even more experience that she had expected.

Aside from the major achievement she mentioned above, she did also engage in some more activities during the first 2 years at her university. The first one was participating in an English club called Apple English Club. She was a member of the club’s Content Department, and was also a member of the organizing team of the club’s Prom Night in 2018. Throughout the time being a part of the club, she has learned plenty of skills and got to know a lot of interesting people.

Everyone has their own weaknesses, and for her, there are 2 things that she lacks: the first is having little self-confidence; the second one is not having sufficient communicating skills. Hence, she expects that after this program has finished, she will make some improvements on the skills that she lacks. Furthermore, she chose to apply for this program so that she can expand her possibilities, widen her horizon and perspective, as well as set  mind on the right track for any possible future career.



Her full name is Vu Dang Linh Chi, she is final year student of International University Ho Chi Minh National University. Her major is Business Management of Marketing. Beside working as a marketing freelancer, she also works as a personal mentor. Her favorite idol is Ellen DeGeneres host of The Ellen show. She spent almost her career life to support women and LGBT right. Although she used to be passive girl, 4 years in university changed her alot. However, it was not enough to her because she needs to develop more to adapt her future career. “Lead The Change” came later all and becoming a huge opportunity. This program is a precious transportation connecting her to new her in future career. It gives her an opportunity to learn more from the greatest teachers outside of school, know how to affirm her value to the community and how she can serve to her future organization and her country. She hopes that after finishing this program, she can show to her friends, her family, her future organization how better and valuable she is and she can spread out the meaningful vision, mission and core value of this program to as many people as possible.



Huong’s a fresh graduate at HUFLIT.  If she has 3 points to describe herself, it will be easygoing, hardworking and listener. This is because that she would like to be a successful woman in the future. She had a lot of chances to voluntary support to some sport and music events in Ho Chi Minh city. It helps her to expand her relationship with many friends in around the universities in Ho Chi Minh and some staff in the event firms. Actually, her soft skills have also improved through communicating and dealing with volunteers.

In Lead The Exchange Trip 2019, she expects to improve her soft skills which will help her easily adapting with the 4.0 century. Developing her mindset is also her achievement goal on the trip. And the last thing is to experience traveling with new friends in Singapore.



His full name is Ta Trung Hieu and he is 20 years old.

If you want to know how those shoes, these shirts are made, he confidently volunteers to answer your questions. Beside, his biggest disadvantage point is not looking so good.

70% of his time in each day is for his career. He sets up his first start up about customizing sneakers when he was late 17. It has been working until now with the new mission: become a sneaker brand.

He and his team are “shoe dogs” (people who keen on sneakers). They operated many different kind of shoes to see how they had been made. Going around the city to find factories where can help us to build up our customer’s shoes. For the most memorable time are when they were working from 6 pm until 6 am the next day, all for the the Vietnam Sneaker Fest 2018 and 2019 where they have been sponsored by the founder.

After 2 years self-studying about sewing, materials, they prepare for the new fashion brand about clothes named The Undaunted.

That is how he uses his daytime. Sometime he sets up charity trips around his city and gather his team and friends to join in. For him, giving clothes and foods to someone who needs make he feels soft and peace.

He have joined in a Buddha group which often do charity outside the city since he was in grade 10. Just because he wants to know how the leader can connect with locals.

Going to Singapore is the chance for him to learn how they can work, manage people so effectively. He wants to know how far new Singapore generation have passed us.



She is a young and eager-to-learn millennial who struggled a lot on the journey to find her passion during her university time. The chance comes to her when she was looking for an internship in HR field. HR Strategy is the very first place where she trained and developed skills in the sensitive business headhunting; also her first step from the university environment into the real business world.

Becoming a headhunter means to be a bridge between candidates and employers, keep up with the labor market trends, always ready to handle urgent positions with highly confidential information and give advice with integrity. The most important lesson she always remember is “There are no good or bad candidates, her job is to find the right person because each individual is a gem”. It was then that she discovered her passion in people development, I decided to move into the HR General role in order to deeply understand how the HR department operates as well as its impact on the business.

Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, big data, more tasks are shifting to automation, new skills appeared require people updating their knowledge continuously. She questions herself – an individual working in HR management, who understands how this trend affects the labor market – what should she does to improve her productivity and also help her colleagues, her organizations catch up with the world? It is the only intention that motivates her day by day to cultivate her thinking and capacity because she understands each individual is an inter-connected part of the community and society. Society cannot develop if each person does not develop himself or herself. 

People who meet her for the first time would rarely think: “She is an HR girl, she is a kind of mixology between an artist and an academic or a hippie mind inside a yuppie style. Believe in basic goodness nature of humans, fight against fixed mindsets, develop people potential is her Ikigai.



Her full name is Ngo Thi Thanh Tam. She is 22 years old and now studying Marketing at HCMC International University. She loves arts, such as singing, dancing, and designing clothes and furniture,… and she loves social activities as well. She is not as frigid as she looks, she is warm hearted, friendly and open to share with people when they become closer to her. She is not a talkative person and not really good at communication with strangers. That’s why she really wants to change herself in this case because people said that they felt a little scared in the first time they met her. She traveled to many countries before, but not yet an exchange trip. When she knew Lead The Change program, she was so curious and excited then she applied immediately with no doubts or fear. She expected within this course is to improve the knowledge, enhance herself in various soft skills. Especially in communication skill and get more and more friends. She can’t wait to join with you guys! See yaaaa!



Her name is Trang. If someone ask her who she is, she will say that: “she is the person who loves it when all of you are happy”. This is because she has decided that goal of her life is to create value which helps people in her society develop themselves to the most and achieve their happiness in life. 

As young person, she believes that youth is the most beautiful time in each person life in which one have the most energy to do whatever they want, the right to make mistakes and learn from that, or even the right to rebel and have valuable experience. That is the reason why she has always sought for the opportunity to come out of her comfort zone, have new experience and learn new things. As she never says no to any chance that give her new experience, she responds well to challenge and challenges motivate her a lot in her working. That is also the reason why she loves traveling a lot. To her traveling is not just to relax but to learn and enjoy the culture, explore the beauty of the landscape. Two years ago, the first foreign country she choses to visit was Singapore. Some people said that Singapore was so boring as there was no special landscape to sightsee and life there was too busy to relax. However, when she went there, she was really impressed by the lifestyle of Singapura. By the way they behave in public place such as always standing on the right side of the escalators to leave way for other to walk, she could see that they always respect other and think for other first. It is a little bit different from Vietnam and she thinks that it is an interesting thing that Vietnamese can learn then make it a habit. Another valuable things she got from that trip is that though Singapore does not have many beauty spots, the country has many museums, art centers and science centers. To a person who is curious about everything like her, those were such wonderful places to visit as she has learned a lot about Singapore history, or the way Singapura applied technology into art. By those activities, I really love the way Singapura advertised their country, and she could feels the pride in their heart. Those experiences and knowledge are invaluable and up to know, she still remembers clearly those moment in Singapore.

This time, she comes back to Sing, not just to relax and visit the famous place but to deeply learn and experience the development in Singapore economy. She is so eager to visit our partner offices, and to learn from them. She strongly believes that this will certainly be a marvelous and memorable trip of her youth.



Her name is Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc.

Her unique points are:

  • Sociable and easy to make friends
  • Emotional
  • Community-minded
  • Ambitious
  • A perfectionist, a professional-oriented
  • Not well in time management and self-discipline, self-control
  • Stubborn and argumentative sometimes

Her expectations of the training programs:

  • Leadership skills
  • Motivation to work more
  • Soft skills as stated in the program brochure
  • What foreigners/world leaders think to be characteristics of a global citizen
  • Project Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Pitching
  • Mentorship
  • Networking with other like-minded young leaders, get acquaint with senior entrepreneurs around the world
  • Participants from diverse backgrounds
  • Find more of her values and limitations
  • Teamwork and true friendship



She is Nguyen Thi Thu Hoai.

Currently, she is working as a Marketing Executive at a Real Estate company. Her job is to handle Marketing & Communication for developments, and a part of corporate branding also. Her colleagues considering her as an enthusiastic, ambitious, solution-oriented person, who may look older & mature than real age but will totally break that image when it comes to good foods & adventure trips yeah… 😀

Take a quick look back at her university life to know more about her. She was a typical active student who dedicated her four years for volunteers, internships, academic club, competitions, workshops, part-time jobs and… library. Among those, the biggest milestone of her student life definitely was P&G CEO Academy 2016. The program that gathering the most promising and qualified young student leaders across Vietnam. four years for volunteers, internships, academic club, competitions, workshops, part-time jobs and… library. Among those, the biggest milestone of her student life definitely was P&G CEO Academy 2016. The program that gathering the most promising and qualified young student leaders across Vietnam.

Within 4 school years, she took 3 marketing internships & 2 part-time jobs in education (SMEI, Supermind Speed Math Center), retail (AEON), communication (Publicis Groupe VN), startup fairs (BSSC, Hatch Ventures) …  Thanks for all that she has been sharpened in corporate workplaces quite soon.

But up to now, there is one thing still missing from those student years.

And that missing point is the reason why she applies for LTC Exchange Trip in Singapore Nov 2019.

She wants to go further than our country border, visit an admirable country like Singapore, but for real learning, not just sightseeing. She believes the program will leverage her standards in both ways of professional and personal development.

She is ready to take a further step outside her comfort zone and looking forward to new observations, new knowledge, new networks, new opportunities. She thinks Lead The Change 2019 Exchange trip experience will become the next milestone in her life.

Lead The Change 19 Exchange Trip in Singapore is organized by Lead The Change Organization.


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