After having opened registration form since April, Lead The Change has received over 1000 applicants from Vietnamese youth throughout Vietnam as well as overseas students.

Lead The Change held interview and evaluation session with over 200 young people having completed well application form. Finally, Lead The Change has recruited well-fitting young leaders for Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore on July 9th – 14th , 2019.

Let’s find out Batch of Young leaders of Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore.

Le Thanh Phuong Nam

Phuong Nam‘s goal is to study further in future and to become a respected professional. He is an enthusiastic person who is willing to deal with all challenges.

He was a mentor of a
students’ organization , he was also in charge of personnel training in prom night events in high school as well as being a volunteer for VOIS for about 2 years.

Joining Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore brings a lot of opportunities for him to learn the way of thinking from leaders of foreign businesses and multiple networking sessions, which helps him shapes his thinking in equipping multicultural communication platforms to become a global citizen and participating in the integration process of industry 4.0.

Dang Thai Ha

Thai Ha is a friendly person. She is flexible in everything that leads the point she keeps herself move as much as possible.

The previous lunar new year, she joined in a volunteer trip in Lam Dong named “Xuan Tinh Nguyen” which was organized by the faculty.

She decided to join Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore since she believed she would have new talented friends through the program and learn from other young leaders. Besides, she is able to accumulate much more knowledge about Singapore, and skills for 4.0 Industrial. Above all, she emphasizes this is a great opportunity to challenge and advance herself.

Huynh Nguyen Thao Nguyen

Thao Nguyen describes herself within 3 words: dedicated, creative and kind. She is fond of getting involved in economy, discussions and researches. Especially, she would love to be an inspirational speaker.

Sharing her expectations about Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, Nguyen really wants to widen her relationships. Moreover, she also wants to release her potential and becomes a best version of herself after this trip.

Dao Manh Khang

Manh Khang is a considerate person who usually chooses to follow his heart rather than his mind when making decisions.

He loves retro fashion. For him, fashion is an essential factor of a successful person since it is the first thing supporting him making impressive before he starts a conversation.

He has 5 main goals when he has decided to join Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore: Expanding his mind, having best experience with all his partners, learning as much as possible from the professionals as well as practical experience about real company, and taking advantages of this trip to create working opportunities for him.

Tran Cong Thang

Cong Thang gives prominence to experience all the facet of life and outdoor activities or join NPO instead of keeping himself undergo from the traditional-lame theory in class, then he could gain his own lessons that stay longer in his mind.

One of the most fascinating experience that he ever had was being a part of small project named “Giáng Sinh Yêu Thương” in which he had done all the finest thing to the children from shelter in christmas.

New experience and new relationships would be great elements that could decorate his life further, which could be his expectations when making decision to join Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore.

Tran Thuy Nhat Truc

Nhat Truc has own her favorite quote is “There is no failure, you either win or learn”. That is the reason why she is always willing to try and deal with all challenges.

Her expectation for Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore is that she will be able to confidently step out of her comfort zone, go and see how people think and innovate for life. Then she may find out her real life goals and live a life without regrets.

Nguyen Bao Duy

Bao Duy is a cat-person who is fond of fashion. One of most interesting experience of him is being on the top of Fansipan peak.

Being more confident is one of his expectations when he has decided to join Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore.

Nguyen Doan Phuong Nguyen

Phuong Nguyen is a modern person who is interested in photography, modeling and fashion. She was on top 4 “King Queen Prom” contest at her high school.

Her expectations when making decision to join Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip are being more confident and widening her network with other young leaders.

Dang Tuyet Trinh

Tuyet Trinh loves yoga, swimming, travel, writing, reading, photography, learning new skills each year and going wild once a while. She did some solo trips, started her own blog site and once dreamed of open her own fashion brand.

She does hope after Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore she could learn through these training sessions to gain knowledge and start her own project which aims to empower women or improve community and environment issues. She also does expect to meet and learn from experts about communication in 4.0 era.

Tran Ngoc Thanh tuyen

Thanh Tuyen has more than 4 years of experience in communications until now.

About her experience, she joined a tourism visit and training course on multi-cultural communications at Shilpakorn University, Thailand, attending a training course on digital 4.0 skills held by Google Vietnam, and having an International School Awards 2019 at Chitkara University, India.

By joining Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, she expects to gain practical knowledge and soft skills, and eventually widen her network.

Nguyen Thi Trang Anh

Trang Anh assumes herself as a cautious, rational person with an open mind and inner ambition while other people talk about her as a cheerful, enthusiastic and easy going person. During her University, she also co-operated with her friend to open a small plant shop and a coffee shop named Zentopia.

Joining Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, she wishes she could just absorb knowledge, expand relationships, discover her true self and unlock her inner ability with new experiences.

Pham Ngoc Thuy

Ngoc Thuy is an oversea student in Finland who is a detail-oriented person as well as being keen on learning about the environment and sustainable development. 

Her dream is to contribute to the society the exact information and knowledge in environmental engineering since there were too many fake news nowadays that leads people to a negative future.

She believes content of Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip would provide her with must required skills to be a more responsible person in the future.

Nguyen Duy Tan

Duy Tan found a little club called “Broward Debate Club” in 2017 at Broward College.

He has also planned to be a self – considered entrepreneur in a near future, who is seeking an opportunity to devote myself to an energetic business environment to learn and find some valuable experiences as well as being able to surround with excellent people to be inspired every single day. 

Coming to Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, he hopes to widen valuable networks with other young leaders as well as training himself.

Tran Minh Thu Huong

Thu Huong now works as Sport Journalist and Editor for K+ and Thanh Nien Newspaper. She is friendly and really sociable person who can give the positive energy for everyone around. She was in the charity of her High school as well as being organizers of many events in her University.

Coming to Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, she expects to jump out of her comfort zone and gain new things from experts and other young leaders.

Nguyen Thi Thao My

Thao My loves travelling and periencing and learning from practical environments. She used be an exchange participant in Thailand, and a member of AIESEC in Vietnam.

She loves learning about the Industry 4.0 and exploring the beautiful Singapore during Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore. She also wants to connect with young leaders and learn from experts of program.

Le Pham Uyen Ly

Uyen Ly has been dedicating her time and energy to volunteer for many organizations to help with their events and programs. She has the habit of starting student organizations to help cater the needs and make a difference in any community that she is a part of.

Joining Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, Uyen Ly hopes to widen her network with other young leaders as well as experts. Besides, the programs seems as an opportunity for her to
fulfill her fullest potentials.

Le Binh Minh

Binh Minh has sense of humour who is reporter as well as photographer anad freelancer.

Nguyen Hoang Quynh

Hoang Quynh is interested in joining extracurricular activities and has sense of humour to warm up meeting with her friends. She used to undertake as a event lead of Prom in school.

She expects to step out of her comfort zone and become a more active person. Besides, she hopes to improve her communication and coordination skills by working in groups during activities in Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore.

Ly Tu Phuong

Tu Phuong is an active and open-minded person when working in groups but she describes herself as a quite timid person when making new friends.

She worked part-time as a teaching assistant at Vicky English, and joined “Xuan Ngoai Thanh” campaign in Ben Tre last Tet holiday.

Coming to Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, she loves hearing the story of how the government has developed Singapore and the plans for recent issues. She also longs for learning about basic steps to be an entrepreneur and how giant “bosses” such as Facebook and Google endure their companies in such competitive industry to establish non-profit or low cost English centres for people who can not afford current centre’s fee.

Le Hong Ngoc

Hong Ngoc describes herself within 3 words: ambitious, dynamic and positive. She always wants to challenge herself everyday. Her interest is startups and innovations.

Joining Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip she expects to meet great friends and get to work on the team project together as well as discovering Singapore.

Pham Nguyen Thao Uyen

Thao Uyen has always been seen as a person with high sense of responsibility and willingness to learn, as she literally fully dedicates her time and efforts to whatever job she is assigned to do. 

She aspires to be a cosmopolitan due to the interest in the diversity of cultures, complimented by the chances to interact with individuals from numerous cultural backgrounds throughout my time at Bosch, FPT Software,  AEON Asia Eco-leaders Program in Jakarta, and JENESYS program in Tokyo and Okinawa.

Through Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore, she expects to gain loads of knowledge and insights not only from the lecturers but also everyone else basically. Most importantly, she hopes to challenge herself, boosts her confidence and determine my her career path.

Ho Nguyen Vy Anh

Vy Anh is a talent girl who is confident to communicate in English. She is a Marvel Hardcore fan. She has travelled overseas for a couple of times and is considering studying abroad; specifically she is interested in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
She is pretty out-going and is looking forward to meeting with all of other young leaders in Lead The Change 2019 Exchange Trip in Singapore


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