Lead the Change urges to be the global community for the youth and startups, one that empowers young people stepping into the world thanks to essential entrepreneurship training, mentorship, and networks:

  • Lead the Change competition:Bring young startup to new challenging environment to open mindset and lead to change
  • Lead the Change training program:Provide entrepreneurship, leadership and skill set with great mentors and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Lead the Change exchange trip:Empower the youth to step into the world and open their eyes, experience new environment, culture, learn new skills, change mindset and behavior. Please follow our “godfather” community UEH Connected:
lead the chance

Stimulate the motivation of the youth and equip them with necessary skills to step outside into the world, “LEAD THE CHANGE”  is an annual contest that focuses on developing the mind and providing directions for young individuals on their career path – forward to the sustainable development.


– Vietnamese citizen (18 – 25 years old)

– Student of universities (college/graduated students) throughout the southern region, want to change and improve themselves


– Inspire business ethics of the youth

– Make a creative and enduring startup ecosystem

– Inspire motivation and the dreams of startup of the youth

– Make the dreams of all the youth of going abroad come true

– Connect many Universities, provinces, and cities together

– Create a new deal for the youth