Humans can not choose where they were born, but it is certain that we can choose where we will live and work, just as the saying goes: “The important thing in life is not where we’re standing, but where we’re going.”

Determining the direction and following that to develop yourself is extremely important, as it affects our lives as well as the whole future path of each of us. The way we choose is like a dream. To achieve that dream quickly and most beautifully, we need to choose a new direction and full of superior features. It can be a shortcut path, or a straight one, both can contribute to make our personality and a beautiful dignity.

We should not put too much emphasis on our current position because it’s likely to change, so it is important and meaningful to identify yourself as a pathway. Trying to build a way, that is the way we can accomplish our own dreams.

Let UEH Connected help you do that. We will bring you the workshop “THE IMPORTANCE OF CHARTING YOUR COURSE”, where you will meet Consul General of Canada in Vietnam – Kyle Nunas, who inspires you to find your own way through his stories and lessons.


Speaker: Kyle Nunas – Consul General of Canada
Languages: English (Not translated)
Time: 18:00 – 20:00, 09/10/2018
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Participating fee:
Transfer via Timo: 50.000 VND / person
Payment at the event: 100 000 VND / person

Bank transfer information:
Timo: 144404947
Account holder: PHAN LE AI QUYNH
Bank: VP Bank, HCM Branch

Hotline: (+84) 963 642 488 (Quynh)

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